Nyhedsbrev fra Midtjyllands Kunst Center uge 52/2020

Faroese life force

Ellindur Egilstrøð works intensely to portray the temperament and identity of Faroese nature. He paints in a  liberated style and strikes a special mood where we  as spectators can take part in the wildness and freedom  that nature shows.

He does not paint place-conscious landscape motifs,  they are reminiscences in an expressive abstraction. But you get a sense of reality of nature in the  Faroe Islands.

Ellindur Egilstrøð enjoys the immersion and the feeling  that time stands still. All his energy is focused  in the process of painting. It is clear to  feel his joy of expression in the dynamic  and vibrant paintings.

Midtjyllands Kunst Center week 52/2020

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