Kate Smith

Gazing into one of Ellindur’s paintings is like gazing at the moon, a single glance is enough to assess that it is steeped in mystic beauty and allure, but when the eyes are allowed to indulge in it for longer, one can easily get lost in its formidable yet enchanting vastness. His careful and deliberate use of light and color in each of his works appears to be effortless, the mystic incarnations of Faroese charm instantly calm the mind and soothe the senses. The rolling Nordic landscapes provide a keen measure of tranquillity and visual respite for Ellindur’s viewers. Yet, we are made strikingly aware that light does not exist without dark, peace without turmoil; his paintings also hold undeniable darkness, alluding to the chaos and struggle that walks alongside the still and peaceful moments in life. The mountain can not be met with sunshine alone, it must also toil through scourge and cold and bitter winds. This truthful depiction of ‘duality’ celebrates the delicacy and wildness of nature itself and reminds us of the balance in all things. It calls us to embrace both the light and the dark, the struggle and the ease, to fully embrace life in all of its colors, for that is the state of nature herself.





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