The Paintings that Speak of Nature.

The Paintings that Speak of Nature.

Enthralled by the Faroe Islands’ enchanting natural beauty, I, Ellindur Egilstrøđ, always get some new inspiration whenever my hands pick the color palette.  Summing up the weather phenomenon of Faroe Island with a creative twist is my way to pay tribute to the Gods who gather all the weather here. The paintings I create are more than a perfect blend of tones and hues; you can feel the whole serenity of the Faroe Island’s diverse climate; bright and vibrant in summers, and dark and rumbling in winters. The diversity it holds can inspire any visual artist who has a taste of the real natural art, who loves to cherish the light falling from the sky splitting the snow apart, who feels that warmth being sun-kissed on sunny days and rejoice the calmness and solace Faroe Island is known for.

In my paintings, discover Faroe Island’s four seasons and let these masterpieces add value to your décor.





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